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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Well digital life finished, and besides a couple of awesome things, it was pretty lacking...boring even :/


i dont think you can grasp how long the line is because of t3h suckage of my camera but believe me it was a huge fucking line >:O

well after we figured out that the line was to BUY tickets, and since we had them already there wasnt a point to wait in the line from hell, so we entered and the first thing we saw was this...


The friggin xbox360!!! MEIN GOTT!!! so sexy slender and white so...pure ^_^

I did take a closeup picture but again, camera suckage :/

Here's a hands on presentation of the 360...


This is me holding the controller, maybe its me, but i felt it heavy and i love that :D


Spiegel [ 4:31 PM ]

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

what do you see, do you see madness? do you see disorder? do you think "who the hell would have enough time to think of this shit let alone make a poster of it as well as some rules?"

well ill tell you this much...this guy aint gettin laid :D

this is an advanced version from the old and popular game rock paper scissors called RPS-15 (hmm i wonder why), of course they added 13 new different hand movements, which oddly enough can also be used for sexual encounters...who'd a thunk it.

Enter the madness of RPS-15!!!

oh and if that doesnt yank your crank, theres an even bigger version of it with more shit and a much more complicated board, its...


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Friday, October 07, 2005
so there i am watching tv living my life and a friend of mine sends me an im with a hyperlink, i though "hmm this better not be goatse" well it wasnt, as a matter of fact its even worse i mean....

wtf asia?!


and where can i find those costumes >_>

Spiegel [ 6:03 PM ]

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Click here to be disturbed...or aroused.

Well i guess the cat's out of the bag, mario has entered the world of homosexuality and s&m, what scares me is that he always was the normal one, so my question is...what happened to luigi o_o.

Who'd ever thought a 40+ year old plumber from Brooklyn would turn into a male version of princess peach :p

/me runs

Spiegel [ 1:58 PM ]

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Monday, October 03, 2005
One of my favorite rants ever.

Read on...

Yeah, because new york teaches you to live life the way it should be lived. Moment to moment. Yes, because every moment in New York could be your last. Oh yeah, yeah. You could be walking down the street tomorrow, feeling good about yourself, drink free, drug free, looking forward to the future and somebody accidently nudges their poodle off of a 75th floor ledge. Doink! And he's headed for the ground at a hundred and seventy five thousand miles per hour. And curchunk he's impeded in your head! You're dead on contact. The headline in the Post the next day reads, "Man killed by best friend." People cut the article out and they laugh about it at the office and you're forever remembered as the poodle man! "I knew the poodle man and he hated fucking poodles."

New York teaches you to live life moment to moment and street by street and beat to beat. Because we've all played that street game in New York, haven't we? Yes we have. Good block. Bad block. Ooooh. Good block. Bad block. OoooOoooh. Gun block. Crack block. OoooOoooh. Asbestos block. Poodle block! Poodle block!

Because most people think, "Life sucks, and then you die." I disagree. I think life sucks, then you get cancer. Then you go into chemotherapy. You lose all your hair, you feel bad about yourself. Then all of the sudden the cancer goes into remission. You look good you feel good, you're going great, and all of the sudden you have a stroke. You can't move your right side. And one day you step off the curb at 68th by Lincoln Center and bang, you get hit by a bus. And then, maybe, you die.

Because I think Jim Hensen said it best when he said, "Anybody got any aspirin? I think I got a cold." And a chill filled the room. We all have this incredible attachment to the Muppets, don't we? "We love the muppets! They're so cute!" Did you hear about Jim Hensen's funeral? Here in New York City, huh? Kermit the frog and Big Bird sang "It's not easy being green" at Jim Hensen's funeral. If I'm fifty-six years old when I kick the bucket and a fucking sock is singing at my funeral, I'm gonna pop out of the coffin and go, "Hey! What the hell is this about? Sammy Davis Jr. gets Frank Sinatra, and I get a fucking sock!? I'm really pissed off now!"

-Dennis Leary

Spiegel [ 12:31 AM ]

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Saturday, October 01, 2005
sometimes its the little things that make us the happiest, a little puff of air going through two flappy cheeks will make even the saddest person laugh their ass off.

thank you god for your farting invention ^_^

Spiegel [ 2:31 PM ]

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Friday, September 30, 2005
apparently arthritis + parkinson's + a fucked up sexual libido = fun times when old

read on...

Spiegel: your best friend will be your hand tonight
Spiegel: bwhahahhaahahh
Sanctified: my hand have never failed to me
Spiegel: just wait till it gets arthritis
Spiegel: >:D
Sanctified: it will be awesome, add some parkinson's and we have a deal!
Spiegel: so you want to constrict your dick, therefore stopping blood flow and then jerk it all around until it falls off
Spiegel: sounds fun you sick fuck
Sanctified: and you are not invited!
Spiegel: AW WTF!!!! WHY NOT

Spiegel [ 7:34 PM ]

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Thursday, September 29, 2005
i swear to god, sometimes i amaze myself

read on...

spiEgelMAN85: ...
magik munkie: and we're going to vote on grading hw or not
magik munkie: haha, score!
spiEgelMAN85: i know!
magik munkie: that hot girl in our class does the hw every week
spiEgelMAN85: i know wtf
spiEgelMAN85: well shes a girl
spiEgelMAN85: their lack of penises is made up by their ability to do work
magik munkie: lmao
magik munkie: thats probably the most intelligent thing you've ever said
magik munkie: ... or not
magik munkie: haha
spiEgelMAN85: cuz you know im right :p

i dont know if girls will take that as an insult or as a complement...then again i have a penis so im an idiot :D

Spiegel [ 12:29 AM ]

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Monday, September 26, 2005
alright my ass was bored and i made a small vid with my camera :D

yes we do study between crip and blood territory

Spiegel [ 9:42 PM ]

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Sunday, September 25, 2005
well i have come here since my old one has poofed out of existence for some reason, i dont know what happened :< so here i am both guns blazing ready to take on the interweb and the blogs it brings in its feathery silk lined bag of randomness.

this blog will be used mainly to express my idiocy and nonsense rants that my brain spews like a drunk girl at Mardi Gras.

the first one will be...

yes ladies and gentlemen mcdonalds being the whore that it is has actually made milkshake and french fries Halloween costumes, i also was amazed at the fact that mcdonalds can go even lower than rock bottom... O.o

well basically stuff like that, and my rants that are usually even longer but not for today, for some reason this friggin blogger thingy whatchamacallit thingamabob is going beyond the physical realms of slowness.

and just a quick quote...

"i like the FedEx driver, because he's a drug dealer and he dont even know it" - Mitch Hedberg, R.I.P

Spiegel [ 10:57 PM ]

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